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"Learning from Greg on the Asheville, NC Hempcrete homes was an invaluable experience for me. He's a great teacher, educator, constructor, he's fun to be around, he's passionate about what he's doing, and I look forward to the next time we are able to work on a project together." - David Piller

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I am blown away by this product. I want to learn more so I can introduce it to my tribe. I am native American, from Michigan. I would like to think my tribe, The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, would like to be in the fore front of bringing this product main stream. - Frank Wilson

your site is great and very encouraging, thank you so much. - Rita

It is great to see the progress you have made. I wish I was still in Asheville working with Greg, David and Brad. I can remember unloading the very first shipment oh hempcrete and mixing the very 1'st batches of it. I wish u guys the very best! - John Jones.

I am a huge supporter for the legalization of Industrial Hemp and its products. I live in Kentucky and at one time in history we were the world leaders in the production and supply of seeds and would like to see that again in KY as farmers are losing more of their tobacco base every year and a new crop and jobs are needed NOW. I think the past can be the future for KY again. - Tony

Curious to know if hemp breaths so well does vapor become an issue when it condenses in the pours of the hemp-crete? - Susan

My family and I are so glad that there are people out there trying to help the planet and humanity. We are behind you all the way. Thanks so much!! - Jason Corby

I think Hempcrete is one of the best creations yet! I would love to one day own a Hempcrete home. This should be something that Habitat for Humanity should work for getting behind, it would be well worth the fight! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments so far! - Jennifer Reeves

I believe in what you guys are doing . Just wish the laws in this country would change ,and the American public could see what an important commodity it is and always has been. - Linda Norsen

Buildings Constructed using Hemp Technologies will play a crucial role in Building a Green and Sustainable World. - St. Louis Renewable Energy

I'm looking for a career change myself and believe in industrial hemp. A simple market that would make an impact (insulation)are for animal shelters as they ten to be extremely cold in the winter and rain/wind and very hot in the summer months. Animal bedding as well. It's a market that the entertainment (Betty White and the like) would get behind; ASPCA, The Humane Society and local shelters. The shelter system isn't great as 4-10 million animals are killed every year in the United States. . .every year! Plus the high number of animals that "get sick" while they are they and because of that, get put on the list to be killed. Also creating a product (dog house) that is insulated for extreme weather would be fantastic. Could Native Americans (their private land) be used to grow and manufacture these hemp products? I live in Orange County (between LA and San Diego, CA)and looking for a career I can get passionate about. - Janet Williams

Hemp Hemp Hooray ! The President just signed the Farm Bill and now industrial hemp cultivation is LEGAL in California and 9 other states (at least for research by colleges and departments of agriculture). This will be a HUGE boost for hemp technologies and hemp home construction. I'd love to partner with Hemp Technologies on a project on my hilltop property in Weed, CA (that's right, WEED, CA !). - Jimmy Limo

I look forward to your firm's successful development and marketing of one of nature's most incredibly useful and abundant resources. Dr. Jeffrey Lux

I'm interested, in as much as I can learn, I love what hemp has to offer, fabric, oils, foods, creams, both cosmetic and holistic, for skin problems, eg on humans and animals, I'm 53. And I have been waiting for this day to come! Half my adult life, as it seems. We are know on our way, keeping up with the rest of the world. Hooray!!! - Lianne

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